Gaz Beadle And Emma McVey Are Slaying The Parenting Game

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If we’re being super real rn, when it’s comes to 2019, Ariana Grande has become a way of life. We’re not the only ones who think so either as Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle and girlfriend Emma McVey are teaching the same thing to their child, Chester.

Slaying at the parenting game, Gaz took to his Instagram Stories to show Emma entertaining their baby by serenading him with Ari’s hit song ‘God Is A Woman.’ Now that’s how you parent folks.

Watch Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey sing Ariana Grande to their baby Chester >>>

In the videos, Emma can be seen bouncing around their kitchen singing the feminist anthem loud and proud to Chester, making him laugh. It’s too cute.

Gaz then goes on to show Chester giggling uncontrollably over his mum dancing and our hearts can’t cope with how wholesome the whole situation is.

If only everyone was raised with Ari as their life soundtrack, the world would most likely be a much happier place. And guaranteed to a hell of a lot sassier. A mood.

It just keeps getting better though, as Gaz also shared an intimate moment of him sharing a bath with his son while playing with toys. The family goals here are just unreal.

This comes after Gaz sent a bunch of fans into a frenzy after posting a video on his Instagram feed of Chester’s first Christmas. Gaz’s followers started commenting in the thousands over how “cute” and “magical” the post was.

Hopefully this means we’re going to get a lot more family content in the future.

Source:: MTV — News