Gaz Beadle Proves Everything Is Just Peachy In His Relationship With Emma McVey

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Feeling bad about the fact you’re not soaking up the sunshine with the love of your life? Well, Geordie Shore lad Gaz Beadle and his model girlfriend Emma McVey are here to prove that nothing screams romance like a casual yacht trip in Mallorca.

The couple only recently reunited after a brief period of seperation and it looks like their patched-up relationship is going from strength-to-strength. According to their undeniably glorious social-media uploads, anyway.

Sharing a bunch of envy-inducing shots of their food, cruising trips, and general hotel shenanigans, Gaz took to Instagram to keep his fans up to scratch with the kind of lifestyle we all secretly believe we were born to achieve.

Oh look, a regular day cruising around the Spanish islands on a superyacht. NBD.

Meanwhile Emma has been having far too much sunbathing on deck to keep us in the loop about their holiday antics, with her Instagram feed showing just one image of a pre-dinner outfit.

We’ll just be over here frantically googling holiday deals that come with a complimentary yacht as standard. Cool.

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