Gaz Beadle Reveals The Lengths He Goes To So Emma McVey Can Get The Perfect Selfie

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Gaz Beadle has opened up about the intense process behind Emma McVey achieving the perfect selfie and it turns out there are a lot of ins and outs behind securing an Insta worthy shot.

The former Geordie Shore lad has proved himself to be the partner dreams are made of after holding a ring light over pregnant Emma McVey as she took multiple selfies in bed.

Let’s get watching the moment Gaz went to extreme lengths to help Emma in her pursuit of a mint Instagram…

The time-lapse video has since been viewed over a million times, with Gaz captioning the end result: “The shit you do so the mrs can get a good picture… #multitask #igotthis #bfpointsearned.”

People in the comments were impressed with the level of input Gaz was willing to give for Emma to drop a bomb selfie, tagging their own partners and writing: “Every girl should have this kind of support from her fella.”

Others praised Gaz for being “literally the best boyfriend” and commented that we should all take “inspiration” from the fact that even Emma has to take a thousand pictures before settling on her favourite one.

This comes amid reports that Emma and Gaz are expecting the birth of their first child any day now, with Emma saying she’s got her fingers crossed for a “nice, quick and natural birth.”

She added in her OK! Magazine blog: “I’d rather not have an epidural as the thought of it freaks me out, but one thing the midwife did say was that my hips are so small and narrow that it’s harder for birth but I’m not sure why.”

Considering Gaz is willing to hold a portable light over Emma McVey in the name of a good selfie, we have every confidence these two are going to adapt to the give-and-take of parenthood pretty quickly.

Source:: MTV — News