Geordie Shore Spoiler Video: Sob! Emosh Zahida Allen Breaks Down After Scotty T Neck On

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Just when we thought our Geordie Shore family had got all of their proper radge antics out of their systems in last week’s episode (yep, we’re talking about ALL that tension between the newbies), things look set to reach PEAK drama next week, as Scotty T and Zahida Allen neck on.

And sadly, one poor oven bears the brunt of the whole thing.


In this spoiler video, we see our Geordie lads and lasses enjoy a slice or six of pizza in the kitchen after one last mortal night out in Tignes.

A squad after our own hearts, this lot.

However, things go from drunken kebabs to WTF quicker than you can say RADGE-PACKET as Aaron Chalmers spies what he thinks is Scott and Zahida ‘getting close’, with Zahida admitting away from the chalet that Scott is ‘definitely all over’ her.


Scott then decides to take a bit of a plunge, saying away from the kitchen: “Me and Zahida are getting on pure wicked so there’s nowt wrong with giving her a cheeky kiss. I know she’s got a lad and that like, but what man’s doesn’t know, won’t f**king hurt him (sic).”


The lad in question is Sean Pratt, who Zahida first met on Ex On The Beach and has been pretty much inseparable from ever since.

The two radgies then appear to share a quick kiss next to the cooker, with Aaron in shock at what he appears to have just witnessed: “What the f**k have I just seen?”



Away from the chalet, Zahida explains: “Scott’s being Scott and he’s give us a peck. Aaron‘s seen and he thinks there’s something more to it and there really isn’t.”


As is pretty much law in the Geordie house though, the whole situation doesn’t exactly end there with everyone quietly heading to bed and never speaking about it again.

Nope, instead, Aaron teases the pair by joking that they might ‘sh*g’ next, which pushes Zahida to breaking point: “It’s not funny, Aaron. I’m gonna smash the f**king house up.”

Away from the kitchen, the Ex On The Beach babe explains: “Aaron’s taking the p*ss now and it’s gone too far. If me boyfriend finds out Scott kissed us, it’s gonna break his heart. F**k this lot, I’m getting out of here (sic).”

Fuming about how things are being portrayed, a tearful Zahida walks off into the bedroom to tell BFF Sarah Goodhart that she wants to leave, who promptly storms into the kitchen to find exactly who’s been saying what about her and Scott.


Confronting her fellow lads and lasses, Sarah asks: “Who upset her that much that she’s crying in the bedroom saying she wants to go home please?”

Owning up, Aaron tells Sarah that it was him, explaining: “That was me, I said it. From where I was sitting, it looked like Scott and Zahida kissed on the lips.”

However, Sarah then moved onto giving Scott some grief, with the lad revealing away from the chalet: “Sarah is pure doing my nut in. I wish she’s just stop giving us grief before I go f**king crackers.”


Feeling the heat in the kitchen (and we’re not just talking about getting the meat sweats from all those chicken nuggets), Scott lashes out, going PURE AKKA and smashing the poor, innocent oven – something which Aaron believes is proper proof that this whole kiss situation DID happen.

A very emosh Zahida, meanwhile, confides in Abbie, telling her: “All I’ve tried to do is be there for you and Sarah, right?”


Away from the bedroom, a very tearful Zahida struggles to explain exactly how she’s feeling about everything that’s happened, breaking down as she says: “For the first time ever, I feel alone.”


So, what’s next for our newbies? Find out when Geordie Shore: New Radgie Rampage continues, Tuesdays at 10pm – only on MTV! And watch ALL our sneak peek looks at the upcoming drama below:

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