Geordie Shore’s Abbie Holborn Admits This Series Has Been ‘One Of Her Favourites’ As The Radgies Wave Goodbye To The House – EXCLUSIVE

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So, that’s it youse lot. The kebab remains have been brushed into the bin, the fake tan bottles have been packed away and the Geordie Shore radgies have locked the door to the Toon house. Sob!

And what a reet belta of a series it’s been, eh? We’ve had tears, tantrums, akka fights, an awkward AF love triangle and more mortal times than ever – and to be honest, we’re already pure buzzin’ to see this family again.

But before they completely wave goodbye, the radge-packets have been looking back at all the highs and lows they’ve been through, with Abbie Holborn even branding series 16 “one of (her) favourites.”


Keemon, lass!

Summing up the series first, Sophie Kasaei tells MTV in an exclusive Confession Cam: “This series has been a one to remember. We’ve had two new members into the family – we’ve got Steph (Snowdon), we’ve got Sam (Gowland).



“Although I miss all the people that were on it, now that there’s new people, it is exciting that I’m getting to know them.”


Aaron Chalmers agrees, adding that it’s been an “amazing” series, despite being “gutted that Gaz (Beadle) isn’t here.”

Abbie also shares her thoughts on what life on the Toon has been like this time around, saying: “This series all in all has been one of my favourites. Although there’s been a lot of drama and a love triangle, it’s been amazing.”



With Nathan Henry and Chloe Ferry both noting their Tenerife holiday as one of their best moments in the house, the cast then turned to, sadly, looking back on their toughest moments in the house.

Speaking about the dramz she faced with Sam and Chloe when the three were stuck in a reet confusing love triangle, Abbie explains: “One of the lowest points for me this series would have to be arguing with Chloe.


“She’s one of my really good friends in this house and there was a lot of drama, but we’ve come out and we’re probably a lot closer.”

All’s mint that ends mint, right?

For Nathan, his hardest time came when he had a radge fight with Aaron: “The worst (moment) for me is probably mine and Aaron’s fight.


“We’re like brothers and it was awful, him not being here, him not being able to come to Tenerife.”

Giving his thoughts on that situation, Aaron added: “Had a bit of a scuffle with Nathan which really dampened me time, should never be fighting with family members, but all in all, been an amazing time.


“Literally can’t wait for tonight, the last night, and we always, always go out with a f**king bang (sic).”

Until next time, ye radgies! Catch up with all the best bits from last night’s episode below:

Source:: MTV — News