Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry Admits She ‘Shouldn’t Have Gone In’ On Abbie Holborn After Their Sam Gowland Love Triangle Gets Messy – EXCLUSIVE

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Things are starting to seriously heat up in the Geordie Shore house (and we’re not talking about someone burning the breakfast bacon), with new radgies Sam Gowland and Stephanie Snowdon quickly fitting right into the family.

As is always the way in this infamous Toon house though, things haven’t stayed on a completely harmonious level for long, with tonight’s episode seeing things kick off between Chloe Ferry and Abbie Holborn over their continuing ‘love triangle’ situation with Sam.

Now, Chloe has reacted to ALL the dramz, admitting she probably ‘shouldn’t have gone so radge’ at Abbie.


Explaining how Abbie flirting with Sam made her feel in an exclusive Confession Cam for MTV, Chloe said: “Last night, me and Sam were getting on really well, having a bit of a flirt, and Abbie is starting to really annoy us.

“Like, every time I talk to him, I can just see her eyes burning the back of me f**king head, and it’s just starting to really do me head in (sic).”



Admitting that she also got on “really well” with Sam during the squad’s mortal night out and that she was “enjoying getting to know him”, Abbie explained how things suddenly took a turn for the awks: “Last night was so good but then it all went sh*t when we got back to the house.


“Chloe started having a go at us saying that I shouldn’t be getting with Sam because she said that she liked him, but I’m not getting with him.”


She added: “I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong because I said that I like Sam from the start as well and we both said it was just a bit of light-hearted fun, and if (Chloe) really had a problem with it, she should have pulled me aside and told me instead of having a go in front of everyone to see, which I didn’t think was fair.”



Chloe, meanwhile, admitted that she “shouldn’t have went that in on Abbie,” and that she went radge because she’d had a drink and Abbie and Sam’s flirting was “on (her) mind so much”, before claiming: “I feel like I’ve got a little bit more respect for Abbie than what she does for me, ‘cause if Abbie got with him first, I wouldn’t go there.”

Keemon, lasses! We can sort this out, reet?

The tension between the two wasn’t missed by Marnie Simpson, who told MTV: “It’s a real funny one. I wouldn’t say I’m on any side, but I also don’t understand why Abbie would still wanna go there with Sam when he’s fingered her friend. I just think this whole situation is starting to cause a lot of tension between the girls.”


She added: “Abbie has gotten a little more ballsy lately and that is something that I am a fan of, I do think that’s a good thing. I’m just kind of confused about the whole situation and I just want it to just end now.”

With Sam saying he doesn’t feel “that (he’s) been playing Chloe and Abbie” and that it’s “not (his) fault if they’re catching feelings,” Marnie urged the new lad to make a decision, saying: “I think Sam needs to put all of his attention on one girl and that’s it. He can’t just play them both along, you can’t do that – especially not in this house.”

Watch this space, youse lot.

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