Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan Destroys Troll Who Slammed Chloe Ferry’s Appearance

Holly Hagan has clapped back at a troll who felt the need to leave a cruel remark beneath one of Chloe Ferry‘s recent Instagram posts.

The drama kicked off when the Geordie Shore lass shared a picture of herself in a bikini, which – for some reason – prompted a bunch of trolls to criticise the way her body looks in the shot.

Now check out the time Chloe Ferry begged trolls to stop hating on her body…

One particularly rude message began: “This just isn’t a natural look Chloe I think you look like a hamster that has been fed thousands of crispy cremes and your bum looks like sack of potatoes.”

While Chloe didn’t respond to the troll, pal Holly couldn’t resist hitting back at the message with the following point: “You’d give you left arm to sh*g it let’s be honest Ricky hun.”

Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan defends Chloe Ferry from rude abuse


Fans soon spotted the interaction, with one of them screenshotting the response and @ing her in the following tweet.

“@HollyGShore actually does not get enough recognition , got her pals backs 100% someone wrote a horrible comment on Chloe ferry’s pic and she clapped right back, what I like to see !!! She is the type of pal everyone needs.”

Holly replied that every girl out there should stick up for her friends, especially when it comes to personal attacks about their appearance: “This is sweet, everyone should have their friends backs no matter what,” she argued.

Here’s hoping the trolls will get the message soon.

Source:: MTV — News