Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson Admits There Could Be A Future With Aaron Chalmers But They're 'Not Ready To Commit' Now – EXCLUSIVE

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They may have had a rocky past, but for Marnie Simpson and Aaron Chalmers, things in the Geordie Shore house this time around have been more mint than our Christmas supple of After Eights, with the pair just enjoying a bit of fun (and a lot of pure norty bucking) together.

However, things momentarily took a turn for the awks in tonight’s episode when the two sat down for an honest heart-to-heart about what’s really going on between them and where things might be going, with Marnie telling Aaron that she ‘owes it to herself’ to be single and that there’s ‘nothing serious’ between them yet.

Not that she’s ruling anything out for the future, that is.


Speaking about her chat with Aaron in an exclusive Confession Cam for MTV, Marnie admitted she was nervous about how the conversation was going to go after Gaz Beadle worried her into thinking they both wanted different things.

The worldie explained: “Me and Gary had a chat in the club, he kind of made us panic for a second because he told us that me and Aaron weren’t on the same page about what we want and where we’re going with what we have, but I spoke to Aaron and we are on the same page and we’ve both agreed that it’s just a bit of fun for now, we’re both not looking for anything too serious, we’re not in the right frame of mind.

Marnie speaks about the situation between her and Aaron / MTV

Marnie and Aaron have a heart-to-heart about where things are between them / MTV

“If me and Aaron were to give it another go, it would have to be 100% and we’re both not ready to commit just yet so who knows in the future.”

Gaz, however, isn’t so sure things are quite that rosy, with the Geordie lad telling MTV: “Right so, Sophie (Kasaei) decided to tell me that Marnie is just having a bit of fun with Aaron and when she leaves the house, she wants to be single. Obviously that was awkward for me because Aaron told me that he loves Marnie to bits and stuff and obviously when he leaves the house, he wants to maybe carry on things with Marnie, go on a few dates.”

Sophie talks to Gaz about Marnie and Aaron’s relationship / MTV

Despite Aaron agreeing with Marnie that they’re just having some fun, Gaz reckons that his BFF actually feels very different about the whole situation: “I think Aaron just accepted what she was saying and agreed with it but deep down, he was probably thinking totally different to be honest with you.”

Gaz isn’t feeling so certain about Maaron’s future / MTV


Having his say though, Aaron insisted that he really is happy keeping things casual for now, saying in his Confession Cam: “Right so last night, Gary wasn’t happy that he thought that Marnie wanted to be single and I wanted to be with her, but that wasn’t the case. If Marnie wants to be single, then I’ll happily be single and when the time is right, we will give it a go. He was just looking out for us which I appreciate.”


Aaron is happy keeping things casual with Marnie / MTV

Saying his final piece on the proper confusing safa that is Maaron, Gaz admitted: “I always think Aaron likes Marnie more than Marnie likes Aaron. Yeah, we will soon see, they’re getting on well still so that’s good but (I) don’t know if someone’s actually gonna get hurts towards the end of this, but I hope not and I hope I’m wrong.”

Whether they end up as friends or actually in a relationship, we’re ALWAYS going to be routing for Maaron!

Find out what’s next for our radgies as Geordie Shore concludes with a reet mint double bill finale, next Tuesday at 10pm – only on MTV! And watch all the best bits from tonight’s episode below:

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