Geordie Shore’s New Radgie Faith Mullen Reveals Whether She’s Got Her Eye On Any Lads In The House – EXCLUSIVE

Keemon! It’s time to get to know and love an addition to our beloved Geordie Shore family, as Anna has hired new lass Faith Mullen to help with the Geordie Tours workload.

When they’re not all busy getting pure mortal on the Toon and enjoying a mint greasy kebab or two, that is. Priorities, you know?

Ready to get stuck into the Geordie Shore experience, the 18-year-old newbie has exclusively revealed whether there’s any lads she’s got her eye on, and what the best thing about being a part of the family really is.

Get to know new lass Faith in this exclusive video:

In an exclusive chat with MTV, Faith opens up about the possibility of romance in the house, admitting: “Right now, the people in the house, none of them I really wanna hook up with but I am looking forward to finding some fit lads when we go out clubbing.”

Why aye!


Hinting at the type of Geordie lad she’ll have her eye on, Faith adds: “I really don’t have a type of lad I go for.

“In me past, I’ve went for bigger guys that are a little bit hairy, but it is all about personality and how you connect with a person. They could be the best looking lad on the earth, but if they’ve got a sh*t personality, jog on mate (sic).”

Revealing more about what it’s like to be in the Geordie house, the newbie gives her take on the best part of the experience, saying: “The best thing about being part of Geordie Shore is having this whole new family to call my own.”

In fact, she admits that going into the house is the best thing that’s EVER happened to her. Buzzin’!

We are reet excited to see Faith in the Geordie house – and we won’t have to wait long as the new series kicks off Tuesday 16th October at 10pm on MTV UK! And you can watch more exclusive videos with our radgies here:

Source:: MTV — News