Get to Know: Isaac Gracie

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This week’s featured artist is an exciting singer-songwriter from London.

Isaac Gracie has been making a name for himself ever since he uploaded a demo called ‘Last Words‘ onto his SoundCloud in late 2015. Critics immediately fell in love with his powerful voice and since then he has won over fans with every release.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Isaac and find out a little bit more about him.

Check it out…

My name is Isaac Gracie. I’m a singer-songwriter of sorts from Ealing, West London.

Personal, emotional, alternative…

No one really inspired “a career”. I never had any intention or expectation of turning music into my vocation. It just happened really and I guess I’m glad about that.

I’ve had a load of influences throughout my life – the top three probably being Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan and Radiohead. Having grown up in and around classical music though, I couldn’t understate the importance of that in my songwriting.

It was really exciting to explore a new style of writing for ‘The Death Of You And I’. Being able to use the opportunity of working with other musicians to open up the ceiling to louder sounds and then producing it myself meant that the whole track felt like a big step forward to my understanding of making music.

I’m bringing a drummer and a bassist on stage with me for the first time. It’s been a goal of mine for years now so I can’t wait. The sound will be bigger and more intense than before if all things go to plan…

Making an album. It was a big challenge and so it felt like an even bigger accomplishment when it was finished. I just can’t wait to put it out now!

Not off of the top of my head. Meeting and hanging out a little with the guys from Mumford and Sons was a bit surreal, having grown up listening to their tunes. That was definitely a cool moment for me.

I’m a huge Kanye fan so maybe that? And all my classical stuff might come as a little surprise maybe.

I’m playing a European tour in September and then a UK tour in October which I’m really looking forward to. It includes Omeara on October 11th!

You can follow Isaac Gracie on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

His new single ‘The Death of You & I’ is out now. Check it out below!

Source:: MTV — News