Harry Styles’ Carpool Karaoke Involves Gold Latex And An Incredible Julia Roberts Impression

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We know this video needs no introduction, but you’re getting one anyway as Harry Styles and James Corden have finally unveiled Carpool Harryoke.

Watch it right this second and revel in the glory that is Harry wearing a string vest:

Things we love about this video include but are not limited to: Harry’s uncanny Julia Roberts impression, Harry’s uncanny Kate Winslet impression, the head banging, Harry wearing all of the clothes, Harry’s in depth knowledge of Titanic, the high notes in Sweet Creature, the jazz hands, his smile during SOTT and basically every single second of the 13:38 duration.

BUT that was not all we got from the show, as Harry also performed Kiwi WEARING A JUMPSUIT.

Name us one other member of One Direction who could pull this off. We’ll wait.

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Source:: MTV — News