Harry Styles Performed An Acoustic Version Of Two Ghosts And We Are Not Okay

Harry Styles stripped things back entirely for his third performance on The Late Late Show last night, as he performed Two Ghosts with just two rugs for company.

It was really all about him, a Shakespeare style ruffle shirt and an acoustic guitar as he proved just how far he’s come since that X Factor audition back in 2010, making us shed an unexpected amount of tears.

Now go back and re watch that moment at 1:33. It’s the greatest thing you’ve ever heard in all of your life, right? RIGHT?

As true fan Milly Donovan points out on YouTube, this is the first time Hazza has performed entirely on his own since that fateful day at the X Factor all those years ago.

So really there is a perfect explanation for our reaction. That and the fact that those ‘oohs’ are the only sound we want to hear from now on.

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Source:: MTV — News