Hayley Kiyoko And Taylor Swift Rework 'Delicate' For A Special LGTBQ+ Fundraiser In New York

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There’s no denying that female solo artists have been killing it this 2018.

Two of our favourite women that have slayed the game? Hayley Kiyoko and Taylor Swift.


So of course, these two ladies just HAD to give us everything we needed once again (since Taylor brought Hayley on stage at her Reputation Stadium Tour), and team up for a surprise duet at The Ally Coalition Talent Show in New York City.

The event, that raised money and awareness for the LGBTQ community, was also lined with amazing acts from Lana Del Rey to Andrew Dost to the Bleachers. But as if this line up wasn’t brilliant enough, Hayley Kiyoko had a little surprise under her sleeve for all the Swifties in the crowd.

The iconic duo performed an acoustic version of Taylor’s song ‘Delicate’ and the crowd sang along in awe.

According to @TSwiftNz on Twitter, Hayley brought out Taylor explaining: “I have a special guest with me here tonight, she just got signed to Universal and it’s her first time performing at a town hall.”

“Hayley [Kiyoko] is killing it right? Her family is in the audience tonight… Will you sing a song with me please?” – Taylor before Delicate at the @allycoalition show

— Taylor Swift News (@TSwiftNZ) December 6, 2018

“I want to thank the @allycoalition for putting on tonight. For Rachel Antonoff, for all the hard work that’s gone into this. It’s amazing that we even get to have this.“ – Taylor at the Ally Coalition show tonight in NYC which benefits LGBTQ youth

— Taylor Swift News (@TSwiftNZ) December 6, 2018

After Taylor brought out Hayley for her first stadium performance earlier this year, it was only fair for Hayley to return the favour and bring out Taylor for her first town hall performance. Legends supporting legends.

Fans captured some of the best bits from the night:

Imagine getting to see these two perform TOGETHER? Minds blown.

We’re fine, guys. Completely fine. Not crying at all.

Like, imagine being in that crowd? Wow. The most blessed fans in the world.

The Ally Coalition is an amazing charity that works with people in the music industry to people in the entertainment and fashion industries in hopes to raise awareness and funds for the LGBTQ+ community.

You can find them here: theallycoalition.org

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Source:: MTV — News