Holly Hagan’s Abs Are Out Of Control Amazing RN

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Holly Hagan is clearly putting in some serious effort during her workouts while she’s away in Thailand – just check out her abs.

The former Geordie Shore star is back at the Thai fitness retreat that she’s previously stayed at, and she’s been sharing the results of all her hard work with her fans on Instagram.

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However, Holly has been honest about the reality of her time away – earlier this week she opened up about suffering from anxiety again, and how it’s prevented her from doing certain things.

“So I was gunna do body fit class today but I feel like my anxiety has come from nowhere and is making me not wanna go,” she wrote on an Instagram story.

But she also tried to remain positive, “Just because we can’t do something one day doesn’t mean we can’t the next, tomorrow is a new day to try again,” she added in another post.

That’s such a great attitude to have, Hols.

Source:: MTV — News