How To Grow Your Social Media Following As Told By Your Fave Influencers

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It’s no secret that the blogger / influencer life is a great one – travelling the world, collaborating with big brands, getting paid to Instagram?! It sounds dreamy af.

Well ACTUALLY, it takes a lot of hard work and determination to grow a successful social media presence, especially with the Internet becoming such a saturated place.

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We spoke to four girls who have nailed the art of organically growing a ma-hoosive following by finding their ‘thing’ and inspiring others with their content.

Fitness blogger Jen Selter (11.5m Instagram followers), travel blogger Kiersten (448k followers), beauty blogger Rowi Singh (56.6k followers) and style blogger Yasmine Chanel (305.7k followers) give us all the insight on how to get that influencer edge…

Jen: Be yourself! Don’t try to be something you’re not just to gain followers. Be who you are, stand up for what you believe, and only post and share things that you’re proud of and stand behind 100%. Be the authentic YOU because there’s only 1 you!

Kiki: I think that in order to be a successful influencer of any niche, you need to keep it real with your audience. I’ve always been honest and open about my travels, blogging business and product/brand recommendations. I think the key is becoming a reliable resource that an audience trusts.

Rowi: Find your niche, work with your USP (unique selling proposition) and focus on creating really strong content. If you’re an inspiring beauty influencer, play with current makeup trends, but also give it your own flare. Secondly, don’t be afraid to pitch and sell yourself to brands! The best way to start out is by forming those relationships and leveraging collaborations.

Yasmine: Don’t set out with a mind frame that you have to even follow a certain guideline to become one but to step into it naturally and authentically. I find having a natural love and flare for both photography and fashion/beauty helps a lot. I started out posting not only my everyday outfits but things that inspired me, I think creating your own story through Instagram is what engages people and helps gain a consistent following.

Jen: Post consistently and engage with your followers. It’s important to keep your page fresh and updated with new pictures and videos. Engaging with followers is also important. Write genuine and true heartfelt captions. A lot of people have questions and they want to be noticed for their support, so I always try to personally reply back to let people know that I’m paying attention and appreciate their support. Insta stories are also a great way to keep followers in the here and now and gives people a more personal insight.

Kiki: To be honest, I don’t think there’s a secret formula to becoming Insta-famous. I’ve built this audience over five years of hard work and countless experiences. I’ve done some giveaways in the past and I use Instagram Stories a lot to share my “behind the scenes” travels, but I think overall it’s about putting your best content forward.

Rowi: Tip #1 – Strategise: running competitions alongside big brands, planning your content & reaching out to brands that fit your style. Tip #2 – Quality: put the time and effort into your content. Take quality pictures and know how to edit a photo. VSCO cam and Afterlight are my favourite editing apps. Tip #3 – Consistency: post at least once a day!

Yasmine: Constantly keep yourself inspired with photography so you’re constantly posting your best content, once you create your own style people will remember you for it so being consistent in this will also give you a consistent following. I like to post either in the morning or evening when people are most active. Tagging in brands will often get you regrammed too which also boosts your following and gets you noticed by brands which will often lead to more opportunities with exposure and work.

Jen: So much has changed in social media today. There are more amazing influencers creating content, the social media companies have changed their algorithms and there are more social media platforms to enjoy such as Peeks, Snapchat and others.

What I focus on is creating an inclusive environment for my community to nurture conversation, support and success. I want the girls and women that follow me to feel like they have a home which is safe and they can be completely free to share their inner most thoughts. This will open up the opportunity for my followers to organically share with their friends and family my accounts and hopefully they will come and join. I never want someone to feel pressure to participate. I always want a follower to feel like a family member and we are sitting around the dining room table having a conversation about life, love, fitness and happiness.

I’m genuinely blown away by the support and loyalty my followers have showed me, and I make sure they know that. I do my best to promote a positive, healthy lifestyle and I have no problem talking to people and lifting them up when they need it. I think that’s key – be yourself, engage with others and take an interest in their lives. I have everyone’s best interest and I think it shows in my posts.

Kiki: I’ve built my social media audience by consistently posting quality, informational and entertaining content. I think that staying authentic is key to attracting a large and loyal audience.

Rowi: I created my own style and didn’t really follow a prescribed method of gaining followers. I fused my modern aesthetic with my Indian heritage to create something completely unique.

Yasmine: I’ve grown my social media presence by sticking to my own style with fashion and photography but also always adding a touch of lifestyle and food, my following has always been mainly girls so I know girls can relate to all the things I love to do, eat and see as well as my love for comfortable clothes and yummy cocktails. I think never changing yourself for an easy ride to the top but holding on to your true essence is what keeps followers, and grows an audience. People want to be inspired from their everyday life and I have the opportunity to do that and having this amazing social media presence means I can give that back to those following me and that really does also make me happy.

Source:: MTV — News