Is Celebrity Big Brother’s Jordan Davies A Sex Addict? Reality Star Reveals All In Brand New Celeb Sex Pod – VIDEO EXCLUSIVE

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We all know Celebrity Big Brother star Jordan Davies is a more than a bit familiar with turning on the charm with the opposite sex, with the Ex On The Beach star not shy in admitting that his official *number* now runs into the thousands.

And now the Welsh lad has opened up about whether or not he could be a sex addict in an exclusive sneak peek clip of Channel 5’s brand new series of Celebrity Sex Pod.


In this preview clip, Jordan asks Sex Pod whether or not sex addiction is actually real, and if it is, ‘how do you know you’re addicted to it?’

Opening up about his own sex life, Jordan admits: “I’ve got a very, very high sex drive so I wonder if that’s like you know, does that mean you’ve got a sex addiction? ‘Cause I always want sex and I think about it a lot, which a lot of boys do but like I need to have sex.”

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When Sex Pod asks how often Jordan thinks about sex, he reveals: “Whenever I look at a girl, the first thing I think is, ‘would I have sex with her?’. Obviously when you’re on a night out then you’re surrounded by birds who’ve done themselves up nice in dresses you’re thinking, ‘yeah I’d have sex with you, I wouldn’t have sex with you, I’d have sex with you, I wouldn’t have sex with you’, so yeah’.”

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He goes on to clarify, though, that his standards aren’t ACTUALLY ridiculously high, telling Sex Pod: “For me, it’s more about personality, like I like a girl who can make me laugh and who gives me banter, so for me, it’s more about personality rather than looks.”


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In fact, Jordan even reckons he’s a bit like a crab – ‘hard on the outside but soft in the centre’.

He’s just a softie at heart this one, eh?

Don’t miss Jordan on brand new Celeb Sex Pod, starting Weds 16th August @ 10pm – only on 5STAR! And watch more of Jordan’s best bits below:

Source:: MTV — News