Jacquees Detained for Disorderly Conduct at Milwaukee Airport

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Detained at Airport …

‘You’re Just a White Boy with a Badge!’

5/14/2018 12:46 PM PDT

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Jacquees was hauled away by cops this weekend in Milwaukee after allegedly dismissing an officer as nothing more than a “white boy with a badge.”

The Atlanta rapper was detained and cited for disorderly conduct Sunday at General Mitchell International Airport after cops say he got into a verbal altercation with another guest at baggage claim. It got heated enough that a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputy got involved.

According to the incident report, obtained by TMZ, the deputy intervened and told Jacquees and the other man to go their separate ways … but Jacquees wouldn’t let up.

The officer says Jacquees flipped him off, said “f*** you” repeatedly, and told him … “You’re [sic] just a white boy with a badge. I don’t have to listen to you.” The cop says he followed Jacquees out to his car, and threatened to break his window if he didn’t come out.

He eventually complied and was taken to a nearby office, where he was cited and eventually released.

For his part, Jacquees claims the whole thing started because he was singing in the airport … and cops told him he couldn’t.

Source:: TMZ – Music News