Jay-Z Sued for Allegedly Stiffing Biz Partner on 'Reasonable Doubt' Royalties

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Jay-Z Sued

There’s Reasonable Doubt

I’m Getting My Royalties!!!

6/13/2018 6:55 PM PDT


Jay-Z struck a deal on his debut studio album with a music biz veteran — agreeing to pay him royalties — but about 10 years ago the checks stopped coming and the guy wants his money … according to a new suit.

Raynard Herbert claims he used his connections to help land Jay’s Roc-A-Fella a distribution deal in 1995, which led to an agreement where he’d get 1% of sales on the famed “Reasonable Doubt” album, which he also claims to have helped master.

According to the docs … everything was going fine with the arrangement until November 2008, the last time Herbert claims he got paid.

He says he reached out to Jay-Z’s peeps in May 2010 to inquire about his missing royalty checks, and also update his address … to no avail.

Herbert claims since then, he’s not been paid his contractually promised 1% on “Reasonable Doubt.” He’s suing to get what he believes he’s owed … plus damages, interest and extra fees.

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Source:: TMZ – Music News