Just A Load Of Tweets About Best Friends That Will Make You Go 'SAME'

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Forget having a significant other because no matter how well your boyfriend or girlfriend thinks they know you, they’ll never know you quite as well as your best friend – aka the one person you’ve always been able to depend upon to hate your personal enemies for no reason and to like every single one of your thirst trap Insta pics despite how desperate you both know they are.

So what with February 13th being Galentine’s Day (all hail Parks and Rec), here’s just a few tweets about besties that will probably make you and your ride or die gal pal go ‘SAME’.

First check out Courtney Act talking the awfulness that is first dates…

1. They’re the only person who gets your sense of humour*

*Your really lowbrow, often quite crude sense of humour.

2. And are always prepared to help you achieve your goals

Because what else are friends for?

3. They never need to question why it’s important to you…

sure i’ll support you as a person but really the most important thing i can offer as a friend is creative direction for all yr thirst traps

— Hannah Giorgis (@ethiopienne) August 29, 2015

4. …no matter how weird they might seem in retrospect

Introducing friendship, y’all.

5. You never judge each other.

Even when maybe a bit of judgement wouldn’t go amiss.

6. When there’s an emergency, you know they can be relied upon to take one for the team

Even when that emergency generally involves sharing pants.

7. They know your chins better than you know them yourself

Alllllll 12 of them.

8. They know that introducing a new friend into the equation is always unacceptable


9. And they can be relied upon to dish the dirty details 0.3 seconds after they hear about it

We all know ‘I won’t tell anyone’ does not include immediately dishing every single detail to your one and only best friend.

10. You just always have each other’s backs

Particularly when that involves peer pressuring them to into calling up their crush on speakerphone.

11. You share interests in a way just no one else does

A love of drama counts as an interest…right?

12. Because no one does extra like you two

No one.

13. Neither of you can date anyone unless the new S.O. understands where your real loyalty lies

The best friend came first therefore will always remain No.1 priority and third wheel.

14. Even when you fall out you know what’s important.

Hint: each other.

15. Because ultimately who do either of you have left when you basically hate everyone else?

Liking the same stuff is one thing. But hating the same things? True friendship.

— Jen Doll (@thisisjendoll) January 14, 2016

One ring to rule them all and in the darkness BIND THEM. Or something like that.

Source:: MTV — News