Just Tattoo Of Us Host Charlotte Crosby Admits She 'Felt Sorry' For Teen Mom UK's Naomi Konickova And Her 'Saggy Boobs' Tattoo

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Last night’s Just Tattoo Of Us was a seriously emosh affair, with Naomi Konickova – who is currently taking a break from Teen Mom UK – storming off and breaking down after seeing the tattoo her BFF Terri had designed for her for the first time.

That tattoo? An image of a woman with ‘saggy boobs’ on her neck, with Terri explaining that it’s something Naomi is self-conscious about.

Now, host Charlotte Crosby has revealed that she ‘felt sorry’ for the lovely mum, and that the tattoo really was ‘a bad one’.


Speaking exclusively to MTV about Naomi’s tattoo and emotional reaction, Charlotte said: “It was a bad one. I think as a girl, you have to – you kinda feel for them because everyone’s self-conscious about something and if you do really hate something, you don’t want it then to be tattooed on you and have to stare at it even more, like twice. So I did feel sorry for her, yeah.”



Stephen Bear added that they were surprised by what happened during the reveal: “We didn’t think she would react like that because she gave it large on the sofa at the beginning. ‘I’m not bothered, I’ll laugh at anything’.”


He also admitted that he *kind of* enjoyed her reaction, telling MTV: “She was so upset, she stormed off and she was crying on the floor, and that reaction, that was great.”

Poor Naomi. Luckily, Naomi and Terri did make up before the end of their episode, so all’s well that ends well, eh?

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