Just Tattoo Of Us Host Charlotte Crosby Hints Love Island’s Olivia Buckland And Alex Bowen Were Actually ‘P*ssed Off’ With Their Tattoo Designs – EXCLUSIVE

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Last night saw the latest series of Just Tattoo Of Us go out in emotional fashion, with hosts Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear helping our tattooees go through everything from shock and pure anger to physical tears and even, surprisingly, a little bit of laughter.

What a way to end the series, eh?

That laughter came from none other than Love Island‘s very own #couplegoals Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen, who designed funny tattoos for each other that reflected some of their *interesting* habits and tendencies – those being Olivia’s love of drinking milk and Alex’s struggle with the pain of getting inked.


During the reveal, the pair were both initially pretty wary about their new artwork before coming around to love their designs, with Alex first telling Olivia: “It’s got your f**king name on it,” before later admitting: “I actually love that (…) I like the Olivia part, just not the rest of it.”

That’s good enough, right?



However, while the couple might have (eventually) laughed off their tattoos at the time, Charlotte and Bear have revealed that their ‘real’ reactions seemed a little different.

Speaking exclusively to MTV, Bear said: “Alex and Olivia, nice couple, really fun, but as for designing tattoos, I wanted to see a reaction where they could’ve broken up. I wanted to see some drama but instead, they were funny ones which is good.”


In response, Charlotte told him: “Because they’re engaged and they’re in love. You wouldn’t want to do that to me if we were engaged and in love.”


Sharing some behind-the-scenes gossip from filming, Geordie Shore lass Charlotte admitted that things actually seemed a little tense between the two lovebirds after the reveal: “The thing with Alex and Olivia is, they did laugh them off at the time but we were watching on the screens downstairs when they were doing both their interviews together – they looked so p*ssed off at each other.


“We were watching. We were like, ‘God, they look really angry’, so I think there might have been a few words when they got home.”


This series of Just Tattoo Of Us may have come to an end, but you can still catch up with ALL the best bits from last night’s episode below:

Source:: MTV — News