Kanye West Lashes Out at Nick Cannon and Drake for Kim Kardashian Sex References

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Kanye West

Rips Drake & Nick Cannon …

Keep Kim’s Name Out of Your Mouths!!!

9/20/2018 10:29 AM PDT

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Kanye West is unloading on Drake and Nick Cannon for publicly talking, rapping or even suggesting anything about Kim Kardashian.

Kim’s husband stood up for her with a series of videos where he shares a bunch of “things that were not sitting right with my spirit.” The first of which being Nick talking about Kim’s body in a recent VladTV interview. Nick and Kim dated back in their mid 20s, and Nick excitedly reminisced about her body, saying … “That white girl got ass!!”

Kanye’s demanding Nick show some respect for him in the future if someone asks him any questions about Kim.

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As for Drake … Kanye’s in HIS feelings about “In My Feelings.” Remember, there’s a rumor the lyric about “Kiki” is a reference to Kim — that’s her family nickname, and everyone knows it from their show. ‘Ye says Drake should’ve publicly stated the Kiki in his song is NOT Kim.

As Kanye puts it … he wouldn’t rap about a girl named RiRi.

He’s also got beef with an unreleased Drake and Future song that featured lyrics referring to “having Kylies and Kendalls.” In a nutshell, Kanye says … “So, period is like don’t speak on nobody from my family, nothing that can be mentioned on my wife, period!”

Source:: TMZ – Music News