KJ Apa Just Told Fans He’d “Love” Riverdale's Archie To Have A Romance With Kevin

While we wait out this Riverdale drought like the impatient people we truly are, KJ Apa has given us a new ship to hop aboard in the mean time and we’re thrilled for the opportunity.

Chatting to an understandably excited crowd at Oz Comic-Con 2018 in Australia over the weekend, KJ was asked what he thought about a potential Archie/Kevin ship that very much exists in the Riverdale fandom.

But first, check out a super cute throwback moment when KJ played a game of never have I ever with us…

And his answer, as told by journo Claire Kramer, is something we’re very much clinging to rn, as he simply said: “Love it, let’s go.” He didn’t elaborate on the how and when, but tbh at this point we’re happy to figure that bit out on the show’s behalf.

But he was clearly feeling the chat that day, as he also revealed a whole load of other juicy info that involved both Harry Potter and dream characters.

“I reckon I’d be in Gryffindor, I reckon. Is that the one Harry Potter’s in? And I think [Cole Sprouse] would be in Slytherin. What would [Casey Cott] be in?” to which the fans replied, “Hufflepuff!” Obvi.”

In fact it would seem Casey is his ultimate fave, as he also revealed: ‘“I would play Kevin. Kevin’s my favorite character, and I tell @CaseyCott that all the time. Casey’s one of my best mates.’ @kj_apa on which other #Riverdale character he’d want to play #OzComicCon18.”

So to recap, KJ wants Archie and Kevin to have a romantic storyline, but if not then he’s happy to just switch characters… Oh and he’s in Gryffindor, because nothing has ever made more sense.

Hurry UP season 3, we’re getting impatient.

Source:: MTV — News