Liam Payne Is LIVID At Cheryl For This One Thing That Happened The First Time They Met

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As if giving him a baby wasn’t enough, Liam Payne is still livid at girlfriend Cheryl for not giving him something he really wanted back in 2008 when they first met.


A standing ovation at his X Factor audition.

The new dad joked that he was still angry that Cheryl didn’t stand when he sang his little 14-year old heart out to Michael Buble’s Cry Me A River.

Even Simon Cowell got off his chair.

He told Heat Radio: “I got a standing ovation from everyone except for Cheryl, which I thought was hilarious.”


“She said she was having a row with Simon because he should have stood up for somebody else, so she didn’t stand up for me. But I’m still angry about that.”


And although she didn’t give him what he needed, she did say the nicest things about him: “You have definitely got it, whatever it is, you have it. I thought your voice was really, really powerful.”

And you know, gave him a child, Bear Grey Payne, and became his girlfriend so there’s that.

These two, man. They’re just the cutest.

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Source:: MTV – News