Lili Reinhart And Cole Sprouse Are Currently On The Romantic Holiday That Dreams Are Made Of

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While the rest of the Riverdale cast are either at Coachella or working on some side projects, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have decided to spend their time off together.

But while for most of us that would involve watching Netflix or going to McDonald’s for a romantic meal for two, for these two it meant checking in to a super fancy hotel in Mexico and going horse riding.

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Ugh, could they BE any cuter at this point?! No, no they could not.

Thankfully for everyone involved they’ve not done that super annoying thing of not sharing any of their stay on Insta (though maybe that was part of the possibly free trip) and have given us many a sneak peek into their weekend.

They went horse riding together…

Had a great breakfast…

This is the same resort that Cole went to a while back for a photo shoot. Did he see the beauty of the place and go “I’m coming back and taking Lili here”

— dani. (@camzxlili) April 14, 2018

And made sure to remind us that they’re living their best lives…

So yes, while we’d love to see them wearing stick-on gems on their foreheads at Coachella, we’re enjoying this just as much. Okay fine, we’re enjoying it more.

Source:: MTV — News