Linkin Park Gave Us The Best Answer To People Asking About Their 'New' Sound On 'One More Light'

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Today Linkin Park released their seventh studio album One More Light and have compared it to a sushi restaurant. What? Why? Read on…

Back in February, the band premiered the first single from the album, the not-so-heavy ‘Heavy‘ and then later followed it up with the equally tame ‘Battle Symphony,’ so people starting asking if they’d gone full pop.

We sat down with Chester and Mike, who told us all about the sound of their new LP and it took an odd turn….

“I feel like we weren’t very focused on genre in terms of like ‘hey this song should sound like whatever,’” Mike began.

“Or like ‘we haven’t screamed or destroyed a guitar, like maybe we should do that ‘cause somebody might want that?'” Chester added. “We never really had that conversation,”

“It’s not like a made-to-order hamburger,” Mike declared, “it’s kind of like ‘Chef’s Choice!'”

“Yeah you show up at Linkin Park cafe, you’re gonna get what we make you,” Chester said, “whether you like it or not!”

However Mike reassured us that” “We’re not kicking anyone out, in fact if you come to our live show we actually play all the stuff from the other records too, we play stuff from every record when we play but we do also play the new stuff and that’s mainly because we’re super proud of it.

Linkin Park’s One More Light is out now.

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Source:: MTV — News