Louisa Johnson Reveals Dream Hip-Hop Collaboration For Debut Album, Coming “Soon”

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Louisa Johnson is busy finishing up her long-awaited debut and it sounds like we’re in for a treat.

We sat down with the pop star behind ‘Best Behaviour’ – aka one of the best pop songs of the decade – to find out what’s next, when we can finally hear the album and she dropped a MAJOR bombshell on us!

The singer has been taking her time to make the music she wants to, revealing she’s been heavily involved in the creative process, which is very exciting to hear.

“I want it to be tomorrow but it’s just working on something that is right. I feel like ‘So Good’ and ‘Best Behaviour’ were a good starting point but now I need to move forward and show people more of myself.”

“I’m excited to do it but it does take time because it’s going to come from me a lot more.” How much time, Louisa? We’ll let her tell you herself…

We also asked if we should expect any more collaborations on the tracklist and the answer will make your jaw drop when she reveals her dream collaboration with a certain hip-hop legend.

When asked if she’d like to do a ‘Love The Way You Lie’ style duet, she said “I’m feeling a little more hip-hop than that, to be honest.” Obsessed.

NEVER underestimate Louisa Johnson, the future Princess of Crunk’n’B.

We got into tons more with her as she chatted about disastrous wardrobe malfunctions, how ‘Unpredictable’ happened and what she gets up to backstage with Mr. Murs on tour!

By Ross McNeilage

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