Marnie Simpson Absolutely Rinses Casey Johnson As He Endures Epic Cactus Fail

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Anyone who is following Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson on social media is probs absolutely seething with jealousy right now (we know we are).

And that’s because the pair are currently LIVING LIFE on the Greek getaway of dreams. However, one thing we’re defo not envious of is the epic fail Casey endured yesterday. All while Marns did what any good girlfriend would do, stood by and laughed.

Hit play on the video to see Marnie Simpson ruthlessly laugh in Casey’s face as he endures epic cactus fail…


All we can say to Casey is good luck with that thing, it seems like a real pr*ck.

While the pair are yet to update us on whether they overcame the cactus palava, their updates have been making us wanna track down the precise coordinates of their location so we can get booking our next holiday pronto.

How incredible does it look?!

And as if the Greek scenery wasn’t jaw-dropping enough, we’re living for their holiday selfies, including Marns’ x-rated hotel bath snap AND her pretty-in-pink underwear pic.

Obvs we can’t forget about Casey too, who’s looking all kinds of dapper chilling by their private pool.

Seriously guys, we’re happy to resolve the cactus sitch 100 times over for you if it means you’ll let us join ya. We swear, you won’t even notice we’re there.

Now hit play on the video to see Casey hilariously troll hi brother Chet as he locks him out in the pouring rain before rinsing his PDA with gf Helen…

Source:: MTV — News