Marnie Simpson Hits Out At Rumours She's Pregnant With Casey Johnson's Baby

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Marnie Simpson has hit back over speculation she’s pregnant with Casey Johnson’s child after admitting that her fuller figure is actually down to the fact she’s recently put on two stone in weight.

The Geordie Shore lass is fed up of people jumping to the wrong conclusions about her body, and took to Twitter to assure fans that she has absolutely no plans to pop out a baby at any point in the near future.

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After a fan questioned whether she could be expecting, Marnie RT’d the message and replied: “I’ve gained almost 2 stone. I’m not pregnant I can assure you. But thanks for pointing that out”

Adding that her body goes through the same fluctuations as most women out there, Marnie said: “I’m a healthy size 12 and happy and now I’m getting accused of being pregnant [😳] Great”

I’m a healthy size 12 and happy and now I’m getting accused of being pregnant 😳


— Marnie. (@MarnieGShore) December 6, 2017

On the plus side, TOWIE pal Georgia Kousoulou came out fighting for Marnie and chipped in with her own experience of the same problem.

“Every time I put on weight people say I’m pregnant. It’s ridiculous and disgusting ! And annoying,” she said, to which Marnie responded: “I know, I hate it.”

It might be a good idea to stop assuming women are pregnant if they put on even the tiniest bit of weight. Just a thought.

In happier news, let’s all get checking out a glorious montage of Marnie and Casey’s magical love story…

Source:: MTV — News