Marnie Simpson’s Underwear Habit That Drives Boyfriend Casey Johnson Up The Wall

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Casey Johnson has revealed that he and Marnie Simpson can find much pretty anything to argue about; including the fact that she never bothers to pull on a pair of knickers in the morning.

The Geordie Shore lass clearly doesn’t see the point in wearing anything underneath her clothes and it’s a decision that her Single AF boyfriend just can’t quite wrap his head around. Poor Casey.

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In an interview with Star Magazine, the couple – who are set to appear on Ex On The Beach together – revealed that their romance isn’t nearly as perfect and fuss-free as their Instagram accounts would suggest.

By the sounds of it, they’re actually constantly bickering about the small stuff: “We had an argument on the way here because I’m not wearing underwear – but I’m wearing a jumpsuit!” Marnie said.

For his part, Casey admitted that their spats are often “petty” but argued that his girlfriend’s underwear habits are definitely a bit unconventional: “In my defence, she never wears knickers anywhere!” he responded.

As for what we can all expect from their appearance on Ex On The Beach, Marns hinted that she only ever had eyes for the 22-year-old on the series: “I always knew that he was going to come in. My heart just wasn’t in to finding someone else.”

Casey added: “When I went in the villa, I did say straight up, “She won’t go out with anyone else now.”

And it looks like a stint on the beach is exactly what their relationship needed, with Marnie claiming that her boyfriend is “definitely the one” and that she can no longer imagine her life without him.

Don’t miss the premiere of Ex On The Beach – Tuesday 20th March at 10pm on MTV!

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