MixDown Services

The Cutting Suite Mixdown service

We offer a full mix-down service for all the most popular software music production packages available today, in both PC and Mac formats. You can also bring multi-track files of your Protools sessions or from a 24-track tape transfer.

We can import these files into Sadie 5, or Protools to be re-mixed using our extensive array of plug-ins and outboard for reverb, delay and dynamics to achieve stunning-quality mixes using our superb monitoring systems. We can also add a certain level of overdubbing of live instruments and vocals, although we are not completely set up for such recording in that we don’t have a special dedicated live recording room. We can, however, achieve very good results recording in our mastering room. We have an excellent array of quality microphones and superb, focusrite mic pre-amps. We can certainly achieve a much higher standard of recording than in a home-studio environment using basic equipment.

The files we support; all Protools files, sounddesigner files, Logic 6 files for the Mac; Ableton live for Mac and PC; all Sadie files, all Reason 2-3 for Mac and PC; all Cubase SX2-3 for PC; fruityloops for PC; and all the usual audio file formats – .wav, .Aiff, MP3 etc. Please call and check before making a booking and, if you are using any unusual plug-ins or softsynths, please bring along a copy and Ilok for the MAC.

It is also preferable that you send us a copy of the file you wished to be mixed at least five days before your booked session so that we can check compatibility and notify you of any changes that need making.

If you are looking to complete your mix down as best as you can hear are a few tips

Take time to find great-sounding monitors. They don’t have to break the bank.

Take time to find a good space for the recording – it may be someone’s front room, the rehearsal space you’re used to, or even a performance venue, but the bottom line is that if the music sounds great in the room, recording a great sound becomes much easier.

Like monitors, great mics don’t have to be expensive. For example you can get a fantastic ambient drum sound using a single PZM mic – provided the kit is in a good-sounding space.

Take time to rehearse properly. Putting someone under the microscope of a recording situation can introduce all kinds of pressures and difficulties of it’s own – especially if you are paying for studio time. Make sure the artists are as well-prepared as possible before you ever get to this point.

Take time to work on the arrangement – which instruments play when, and what they play. The best way to make sure everything is audible in a mix is to make sure has it’s own space musically. If you can do this, sonically everything will fall into place too.

Take time with the mic placement. I absolutely guarantee that moving a mic three inches will make more difference than your pre-amps, mixer, soundcard and plugins all put together.

Take the time when recording to get great takes – modern digital editing provides a great fallback position, but you just can’t beat an outstanding original performance.

Take time to get these details right at every stage and everything else will just fall into place. So often you’ll hear people asking “what plugin do I need to get my recordings to sound like [insert classic track here]” – but they’re completely missing the fact that when the recording they are asking about was made, there were no plugins !

Charged at £95 per hour.