Nate Dogg's Music Royalties Keep Flowing In After Death

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Nate Dogg

More Money Flows In

Cash To Widow And Kids

8/10/2018 10:44 AM PDT


Rapper Nate Dogg continues to earn money 7 years after his death and those funds are now being passed on to his close family.

It appears funds keep coming in from Nate Dogg’s music and other ventures and as it accumulates … it gets distributed.

According to new docs, obtained by TMZ, the money totals $225,000 in cash and here’s how it’s being divided.

His widow, LaToya Calvin, is getting $30,000.

His son, Naijiel Dwoyne Hale, is getting $11,666.

Nate Dogg has 7 other family members who are getting $8,333 each.

When he died, he left no will and had around $200k in real estate. It appears the $225k is from his music catalog.

The rapper was 41 when he died in Long Beach, CA.

Source:: TMZ – Music News