Packers Should Sign Colin Kaepernick, Says Wu-Tang's Raekwon

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Wu-Tang’s RaekwonSign Kaepernick to Replace Rodgers

10/17/2017 7:28 AM PDT


Colin Kaepernick ain’t exactly hurtin’ for cash, but the Packers should absolutely show him the money — so says Wu-Tang rapper Raekwon.

We got the huge Packers fan at LAX … and asked him about the prospect of Kaep replacing Rodgers while the star QB heals up.

“That’d be dope,” Raekwon told TMZ Sports. “Kaepernick can hold the fort down … as a starter.”

The emcee gets why Kaep hasn’t been picked up yet — “it’s a serious situation for the NFL” — but at the same time, says he’s got mad respect for his movement.

Whether he gets paid or not, Raekwon told us Kaep should be good — ’cause he’s made PLENTY of money playin’ for the 49ers.

$43.4 MILLION, reportedly … to be exact.

Source:: TMZ – Music News