People To Follow On Instagram If You're Bored Of The Kardashians

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If, on the off chance that you’re weirdly finding yourself kinda bored of the world’s most famous family, The Kardashians, dominating your Instagram feed, we have some good news.

Here’s a bunch of great influencers who should help inject a little something new but Kardashian-inspired into your timeline.

Natalie Halcro

The former WAGs star Natalie is a fashion and beauty blogger who also happens to be best mates with Kim Kardashian.

Anyone who followed her on the E! show will know she’s totally hilarious and, as a former makeup artist, can gift you with some bomb glam tips too.

Oliva Culpo

If you too have loved the Kardashian family then you’re clearly fine with looking at women who are so beautiful it hurts your eyes. Well, Olivia might make your eyeballs fall out, she’s that gorgeous both inside and out.

Nick Jonas’s ex will provide you with incredible outfits, fitness inspo and celeb guests appearances too.

Farrah Britt

If you love that Hollywood clique of the Hiltons/Kardashians and rich kids in general then Farrah is your go-to. She’s the daughter of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, cousins with Paris and Nicky Hilton and is besties with wealthy reality set. She also has all the Gucci you wish you had.

Morgan Stewart

Our babe Morgan has been on our Insta list since she debuted her hilarious mouth on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Nowadays she posts the BEST OOTDs, shows off her fabulous AF life with husband Brendan Fitzpatrick and you’ll want every piece of her own fitness line. Plus she genuinely makes us full on lol every day.

Jonathan Van Ness

Honestly we’d be shocked to our cores if you weren’t already following JVN because he’s one fifth of the Queer Eye gang. We’re ridiculously jealous of his wardrobe, obsessed with his daily positive vibes and he is a vocal supporter of so many important causes. BABE.

Cindy Kimberly

Remember that girl that Justin Bieber posted online with the caption ‘OMG who is this’? Well, two years on, 19-year old Cindy is now a catwalk model with over four million followers.

She travels all over the world, posts cute pics of her and her equally beaut boyfriend and just generally makes you forget you’re sheltering at a bus stop in the freezing cold rain.

Tammy Hebrow

If Khloe Kardashian was your go-to for all that fitness inspiration then you’re going to want to click that follow button on Tammy’s page.

She’s an Australian fitness vlogger who has the cutest family you will ever seen. And she’s actually got a link to the famous family because she’s an ambassador for for Koko’s denim line, Good American.

Ash Khlom

Okay so she’s got a Kardashian link because she’s part of their glam squad, but she’s soooo much more than that. Apart from giving us makeup inspo from her celeb clients who include Shay Mitchell, Ariana Grande, Kristen Cavallari and more, she also does her own impeccable face and lets you know exactly what she used.

Delilah Belle

If you love Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner then you’re going to want to follow Delilah, a very much up and coming model. She’s following in all the supermodels’ shoes, coming from a reality star background.

Her mum is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna and her dad is Hollywood legend Harry Hamlin. You’ll be immediately obsessed as her wardrobe is to die for and you’ll want to move to New York as soon as you scroll through her profile.

Sonia and Fyza Ali

If you’re not bored of the actual Kardashian vibe, but bored because you’ve seen everything they’ve ever posted, then these sisters should be next on your follow list. They’re constantly compared to the famous family because, duh, they look like they should be the seventh and eighth siblings.

Sonia and Fyza are makeup artists who will give you all the glam ideas you could ask for.

And now, our very own Zac Fox is taking on social media…

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