R. Kelly's Ex-Alleged Sex Slave Challenges Him to Live Lie Detector Test

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R. Kelly’s Ex-Alleged Sex Slave

I Challenge Mr. Kelly …

To Take a Live Lie Detector Test!!!

1/7/2019 4:07 PM PST


One of R. Kelly‘s alleged victims is putting out a challenge to the singer if he is, in fact, telling the truth — take a lie detector test … and do it live on national television.

We spoke with Asante McGee — one of the women who made allegations against Kelly on “Surviving R. Kelly” — and she tells us the first thing that needs to happen to save other girls she claims are trapped in his clutches is simple … folks need to wake the hell up.

She says his longtime fans must stop supporting and pull the shudders back to see what’s really going on — and after that, hold him accountable for his alleged crimes.

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Then, Asante pivots to her big request … that R. Kelly undergo a polygraph on TV, where the results can be seen live … and no funny business can go down.

Remember … Asante was one of the first targets of a now-defunct Facebook page, “Surviving Lies,” which painted her as a liar with “evidence” it claimed proved she’d told conflicting stories about Kelly.

Facebook removed the page entirely, shortly after it went up.

As for her challenge? Your move, Robert.

Source:: TMZ – Music News