R3WIRE Selects His Ultimate Club MTV Dance Anthems – Listen!

ATB – ‘9pm (Till I Come)’

“This was one of the first introductions into trance for me. Before this, I was strictly underground house and garage. The musicality of it opened my eyes to the ‘big room’ sound. It will always remain a go to in my classics arsenal”

Kenny “Dope” Presents The Bucketheads – ‘The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)’ (Radio Edit)

“This is one of my all-time favourite house tracks! The american style of production and sampling is just perfection and the hook is so catchy that it has remained a club favourite wherever I play.”

Wildchild – ‘Renegade Master’ (7″ Edit)

“This is a staple club banger for me. The vocal hook is timeless! As soon as I drop this one, it’s sure to get everyone fired up. We need more tracks like this!”.

Bizarre Inc – ‘Playing With Knives’

“This track is my Old Skool house go to track when I really want to get classic! The piano’s and vocals are so feel good. Mixed with cheeky breaks, this is always in my old skool sets. So many producers today are actually trying to mimic this sound, which is proof of how timeless it is”.

Fragma – ‘Toca Me’ (Radio Edit)

“Do vocal’s come better than this?! This classic has so much emotion running through it. The chords are perfect for digging deep into your soul. Every time I hear it, it has my hairs standing on-end. If I play a big room festival, this is one of my breakdown tracks of choice”.

Darude – ‘Sandstorm’ (Radio Edit)

“Is this not the most synonymous classic dance track of all time? I always play Sandstorm. No matter the age of the crowd, this track is a banker. The lead riff carries a crazy amount of energy which always gets everyone going”.