Rapper Juice WRLD Blown Away After Sting Gives 'Lucid Dreams' Thumbs-Up

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Rapper Juice WRLD

Thanks for the Love, Sting

You’re The G.O.A.T.!!

10/20/2018 12:20 AM PDT


Who says kids these days don’t respect their elders? Juice WRLD is proclaiming Sting the greatest EVER … after the rock legend gave the rapper props for his huge hit, “Lucid Dreams.”

We got 19-year-old Juice at LAX Thursday and it was obvious the Chicago native is riding high with his track currently sitting at #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The song samples heavily from Sting’s “Shape of My Heart” … especially that iconic guitar riff.

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We broke the good news to him — Sting told Billboard the royalties from “Lucid Dreams” will “put my grandkids through college” … and guitarist Dominic Miller, who co-wrote ‘Shape,’ called Juice’s song “the most intelligent version of that riff that I’ve ever heard.”

Ya gotta see Juice’s reaction to the compliments. It got us thinking if there’s a possibility of Juice and Sting doing a studio collab. Sounds like he wants to see some fields of gold first.

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Sting’s definitely doing his part to pump up ‘Lucid’ during his current tour. When he plays “Shape of My Heart” … one of his backup singers raps one of Juice’s verses.

Also, apologies to J-dub if we made him late for his flight. Sounds like he and airports don’t get along.

Source:: TMZ – Music News