Riverdale's Cami Mendes' Coachella Twerking Did Not Impress The Stranger Things Cast

While the world is still reeling from Beyonce’s incred Coachella set, we’re over here busy making sure you don’t miss out on any other must see moments from the celeb filled weekend.

You know, like Riverdale‘s Camila Mendes and Vanessa Morgan living their best lives together while twerking all up on the Stranger Things cast.

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Yep, Veronica Lodge was up to no good in the desert on Sunday as she lived her best life with Southside Serpent’s Toni Topaz (wait, Riverdale isn’t a documentary?).

But as is often the case in recent years, if you’re famous and having a good time then your friends are probably filming it for their Insta story. Because #content.

The pair were spotted doing their best Cardi B twerk as a not so impressed Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton can be seen stood behind them looking all kinds of awkward.

And when we say awkward, we mean they just stood there and pretended it wasn’t happening. A personal fave avoidance tactic of ours.

We’re just sad it wasn’t Charles Melton doing the twerking, because we have a feeling he’s a total pro. That and the fact that he looked an absolute dream all weekend.

Brb, just going to cry over that fact that he’s never going to fall madly in love with us.

Source:: MTV — News