Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch Just Weighed In On Cheryl Blossom Being A Witch

One of the biggest Riverdale theories out there surrounds Cheryl Blossom and her possible witch tendencies, because let’s face it we’re all dying for her to have her moment.

And it turns out Madelaine Petsch, who plays the fiery red head, isn’t all that against the idea that her character has some sort of supernatural abilities.

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Chatting to Elle to talk all things conspiracies, Madelaine explained that there was a moment in season two that does make her suspicious.

“Okay, actually, this is weird, but if you guys recall in episode 1 of season 2, I kissed Luke (Fred) on the forehead, and his eyes opened like, two scenes later, and that has always made me question Cheryl’s abilities.”

We thought the EXACT same thing! Unless her forehead kissing skills are in fact a life saving technique, all things point to witch.

Cheryl went on to add that there’s another reason why fans are dying for it all to be true: “I did a show before Riverdale that was called Witches of East End, and [fans are] still trying to bring back the show desperately.

“So any inkling of anything magical in Riverdale, they’re like, ‘We knew it! Alice Cooper is actually a witch!’ So, it’s pretty fun. Why not?”

We’re just glad that she didn’t rain on our witch parade, because it’s a sliver of hope we need rn.

Source:: MTV — News