Scotty T Completely Changes Up His Look With This Striking New Haircut

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We’re all about the drastic hair changes over here, but it’s usually the Geordie Shore gals who run away with the competition and switch up their hair in the most fascinating ways.

Roll up the Prince of the Toon, Scotty T, who has now done away with the shaved sides and wavy top combination that most fans recognise him for.

Let’s all get checking out what the Geordie Shore parents look like IRL, purely because we’re all nosy af…

Instead, the 29-year-old has opted to pull the front right off his face, with the whole ‘do seeming a lot smoother and slicked back than we’re used to seeing it.

Naturally, people had mixed responses to the shiny new style – with some fans being all about a drastic change and others just wishing it could remain the same for all time.

“Something new!” one person wrote, while another fan commented: “So sexy man! Love this haircut! Love you 😍.”

On the other hand, one fan out there started seeing literal creatures running around in Scotty’s barnet: “Thought that was a bird there,” they confessed.

Still not seeing it, if we’re totally honest.

Looking slick, Scotty. Let us know your thoughts on this new ‘do with a tweet over @MTVUK.

Source:: MTV — News