Scotty T Opens Up About A Past Toxic Relationship As He Dishes On His 'Well Known' New Lady

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Geordie Shore‘s Scott Timlin is well known for being a ladies man, and we all know he loves to play the field, but he just got seriously real about a serious past relationship.

The new Just Tattoo Of Us presenter admitted his ‘head went’ when it came to his last love, but he’s now got his sights set on a new famous lady.

Take a look at the video to see Scott’s views on Ricci Guarnaccio’s recent drastic surgery (hint: he’s not a fan).

Speaking to Star! mag, Scott admitted he’s nowhere near ready to settle down rn: “Not at the minute, nah. I was in a relationship and I loved her, but it got toxic and my head went a bit.

“Normally when I break up with a girl I go wild, but this time I’ve been focusing on work and staying in and chilling out instead. I’ve got a really busy summer, but I’ve been speaking to a couple of people.”

A couple, eh?

And it looks like we might just know exactly who one of them is, but Scott is not at liberty to disclose that information rn.

“One girl is well known,” he revealed before making it clear his lips are firmly sealed.

The lad also spoke about whether he feels under pressure to look good all the time, revealing: “sometimes I do, but most of the time I don’t give a sh*t. The public have seen me in some right states before, so I don’t care.”

He added: “I haven’t been in the gym for two years!”

Never mind the well-known lady on the scene, what we really NTK is Scotty’s secret to staying fit while staying away from the gym.

Don’t forget to catch Scotty’s Just Tattoo Of Us debut on Monday 21st May at 10pm – only on MTV!

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