Shawn Mendes Opens About The Real Reason He Gets Anxiety

Shawn Mendes may seem like he can take on the world right now, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune from ever persistent anxiety.

The 19-year-old, who released his self-titled third album today, has opened up about how he found himself in a ‘bad headspace’ as he began to question everything he released.

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Prior to dropping new track ‘In My Blood’, Shawn was fighting with himself as to whether it’s the right kind of song to share with fans.

“I was so worried people were going to be like, ‘This kid’s always sad,” he explains in an interview with New York magazine, adding: “People I haven’t spoken to in years were texting and emailing me being like, ‘Dude, this is so important that you did this.'”

And despite the fact that he’s super successful now with his Vine days far behind him, the speed at which he became famous left quite the mark.

“I was in such a bad head space. It’s so overwhelming to be successful. And that sounds like such a s–tty thing to say. But it’s like, how do you keep it going? How do you sustain success when you don’t even really know why you’re successful? Dude, it was the worst,” the singer says. “I’d break down in tears once a week. I used to think everybody was out to get me.”

But he’s not about to spiral out of control any time soon, as he doesn’t even let himself drink without being super aware of the position he’s in. On the topic of alcohol, he says: “There’s a thing in my head: Be careful. Be careful.”

While he’s hoping his new music might help shed his current ‘good boy’ persona.

“Shawn Mendes the good boy. The kid who’s super-sweet,” he said, going on to add that while: “that’s not a bad thing, I also wanted people to understand that I’m human, too.”

But ultimately he has one goal and one goal only: “I just wanted to write about things that I’ve gone through.” Brb going to listen to his new album on repeat.

Source:: MTV — News