Taylor Swift Testifies In Groping Trial: “He Grabbed My Bare Ass”

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Taylor Swift took to the stand in a Denver court on Thursday (August 10), as she testified as part of her lawsuit against a radio host who allegedly groped her during a 2013 meet and greet.

“It was a definite grab … A very long grab. He grabbed my ass underneath my skirt,” Swift said on the stand, following her mum Andrea Swift’s emotional turn earlier that week.

The DJ is claiming that Taylor’s accusations against him led him to lose his job and ruin his reputation, going on to seek at least $3million in damages.

While Taylor’s team are asking for a symbolic $1, not looking to making money from the situation but instead to make it known that this kind of behaviour will not be ignored.

She added that she was shocked and tried to move away from him as soon as possible when it happened, not wanting to stop the event: “He stayed attached to my bare ass cheek as I lurched away from him.”

Mueller claimed earlier in the week that he may have touched her rib or her arm.

“This was not jostling. There was no diving into the frame. . . . He did not touch my arm. He did not touch my rib. He did not touch my hand. He grabbed my bare ass,” Taylor responded.

While when Mueller’s lawyers asked that if this were true then why did her skirt not look lifted up in the photo and why did she not call the police immediately, she said: “Yes, and your client could have taken a normal photo with me.”

The trial is set to last for nine days in total, with it expected to come to an end next week.

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Source:: MTV — News