Teen Mom UK Fans Are Going Crazy Over How Young Amber Butler's Mum Looks

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It’s no secret that Teen Mom UK‘s Amber Butler is a total beauty, but it turns out the apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The reality star took to Instagram to share a snap with her mum and it’s fair to say that fans are pretty much losing it over how blooming young and gorgeous she looks.

Amber’s mum is a total beauty, and so are a bunch of other parents we know! Hit play on the video to meet the Geordie Shore parents…

Yup, Amber’s mum literally looks like she emerged straight out of the fountain of youth in the pic, which Amber captioned: “How beautiful is my mum though 😍 @rileyamanda49”

She’s a beauty alright!

They genuinely do look like sisters, which didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

“I thought that was your sister,” wrote one person, as someone else said: “Stunning almost looks like your sister she looks young.”

“Wow she is absolutely stunning,” said another user as a fourth chimed in: “Wow! Good genes 😘”

Good genes indeed, it’s hard to believe that she is actually a grandma to the adorable Brooklyn. Seriously, we’re going to need her to reveal her big secret to us, but if it really is down to just great genes then it looks like Amber has hit the genetic jackpot.

How gutting is it that Teen Mom UK isn’t on our screens rn? At least you can see all the best bits from the series finale right here…

Source:: MTV — News