Teen Mom UK’s Chloe Patton Reveals Jordan Edwards ‘Struggles With His Emotions’ In The Brand New Series – Exclusive

Chloe Patton and boyfriend Jordan Edwards faced some tough challenges in the last series of Teen Mom UK as they were forced to work through the pressures and issues in their relationship before, luckily, ending on a high with a seriously romantic trip to Paris.

Ahead of the brand new series – premiering Wednesday 23rd January at 8pm on MTV – Chloe has now explained that whilst things between the pair are still on a high, fans will see Jordan dealing with his own struggles this time around.

Catch up with Chloe and what’s new for her since the last series of Teen Mom UK here:

Chatting with her Teen Mom UK pal and fellow mum Amber Butler exclusively for MTV, Chloe – mum to son Marley – reveals how her relationship with Jordan has been since we last saw them on the show, admitting that it’s been all positive vibes between them.

She reveals: “Me and Jordan are still good, still together.”

Chloe Patton opens up about her relationship with Jordan Edwards ahead of new Teen Mom UK


That’s what we love to hear, Chloe.

Chloe then reveals a little about what Jordan’s journey will entail this time around: “Jordan struggles quite a lot this series with how he’s feeling and his emotions, so let’s see how that goes.”

Looking back on their rocky path last series, the mum opens up about how their trials and triumphs have impacted on their relationship, telling Amber: “I think what I’ve learnt from last series to now is that me and Jordan can fight through anything.”

And she wants fans to see that she’s putting all of the effort into her life with Jordan: “I hope fans will see from me this series that I’m trying with Jordan and that I’m putting 110% in. I think, for me, pushing Jordan and being like, ‘Come on, we can do this’.”

We are so excited to see what this series holds for this little family!

Don’t miss brand new Teen Mom UK, starting Weds 23rd January at 8pm on MTV UK! And watch more exclusive videos with our mums here:

Source:: MTV — News