Teen Mom UK’s Megan Salmon-Ferrari Reveals Her Biggest Personal Achievement And How Mckenzie And Dulcie-Mae Have Changed – EXCLUSIVE

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“We’ve been getting used to life with two babies. (I) love having two, love having a little girl ‘cause I can dress her all in the big dresses and headbands and make her look pretty (sic).”

Megan added that she’s also got an awesome achievement to shout about, saying: “My biggest personal achievement is probably going back to college and being able to do that around the two children and Dylan’s mum’s a big part of that ‘cause she has them while I go.”

Congrats, Megan!

Giving an update on how son Mckenzie, who is now two-years-old, and daughter Dulcie-Mae, ten-months-old, have changed since series two, Megan told MTV: “Since series two, Mckenzie can talk a bit more. He doesn’t really say a lot but he says a few words. He started pre-school, he’s, like, turned into a proper little person now.

“Dulcie can now sit up, she can crawl, she can hold her own bottle, she can play with toys so she’s really changed loads since series two.”

Explaining what she hopes fans can learn from her, Megan said: “There is struggles and there is ups and downs in it so that’s what I’d like them to see, that it’s not just all easy (sic).”

Here’s hoping there’s some exciting times to come for Megan on the new series!

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