Teen Mom UK’s Megan Salmon-Ferrari Reveals She’s ‘Civil’ With Dylan Siggers As She Opens Up About Life As A Single Parent – Exclusive

Megan Salmon-Ferrari took a break from the last series of Teen Mom UK, appearing in just the premiere episode as she took time out to focus on herself and personal projects.

Now though, the lovely mum is returning to join her fellow young mums on the show (hurrah!) as she embraces life as a single parent with her and ex-boyfriend Dylan Siggers’ children, Mckenzie and Dulcie-Mae.

Watch Megan reveal what’s new for her since we last saw her on Teen Mom UK:

Ahead of the brand new series, Megan has got us all caught up on the big life changes she’s been through, explaining that though she has faced some challenges, she’s learnt to adapt.

Talking about what’s new for her, Megan exclusively tells MTV: “Since you last saw us on the show, we’ve had some big life changes. Me and the children now have our own home, Dulcie-Mae can now walk and talk, Mckenzie can talk properly, like put full sentences together, yeah so we’ve had quite a few big life changes really.”

Megan Salmon-Ferrari talks about her relationship with Dylan Siggers ahead of new Teen Mom UK


She adds: “The biggest challenge I’ve had to deal with since I was last on the show is learning how to become a single mum of two children under three, and it definitely definitely wasn’t easy but you get there and obviously I’ve learnt what to do and we’ve got our own routine, so that’s probably the biggest challenge since you last seen me on the show.”

Opening up about her relationship with Dylan, Megan admits that whilst it might not always be easy, they’ve learnt to co-parent for the sake of their two children.

She explains: “Mine and Dylan’s relationship can be a bit rocky sometimes, it just depends who he’s around and what company he’s in, but most of the time we’re fine. We’re civil for the children, we don’t really talk unless it’s to do with the kids which is how it should be so our relationship is alright, it does us, it gets us by.”

Megan also hopes fans will learn lessons from the new series, telling MTV: “From this series I hope people will take away that it’s okay to not be okay and obviously people go through a lot in their life and it’s okay to be upset, it’s okay to be down from that, and just really look at the struggles and what we’ve all been through on this series and take something positive away from it.”

We’re very excited to see Megan back on the show and can’t wait to see her journey this series!

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