Teen Mom UK’s Mia Boardman Explains Why Her Relationship With Manley Geddes ‘Turned Sour’ As She Brands Him A ‘Really Good Dad’ – EXCLUSIVE

Mia Boardman and now ex-boyfriend Manley Geddes have faced many tough times through their journey on Teen Mom UK, with the pair breaking up and making up throughout series two, before sadly ending on what seemed to be bad terms.

And whilst the couple did get back together after the last series – even going on a cute holiday together – Mia has revealed that things between them are now “an absolute disaster,” though she’s hoping their relationship may improve in the future.


Explaining where she feels things went wrong for the couple, who have cute daughter Marliya together, Mia exclusively told MTV: “I’d say things started to turn sour from after Marliya was maybe like a couple of months old. Obviously, we always had our ups and downs the whole way through, but we were okay then.


“And I think the biggest turning point was when we moved into the flat together. Like, everything just went wrong. Everything. It was a disaster. Absolute disaster.”

Revealing more about the tough relationship they’re currently facing, Mia said: “Things with Manley now are an absolute disaster. Like, disaster. He hates me. Hates me. We can’t communicate about Marliya without arguing. If I say to him, ‘Was Marliya good today?’, he won’t even answer me.

“Like honestly, they’re literally at the worst and I don’t even know what’s going to fix it now.”

Though she admits they will “absolutely never ever ever ever” get back together, Mia did praise Manley – who also has daughter Aalayah with ex Erin – for his parenting, explaining: “He’s really involved in Marliya’s life and as much as I do slate him, he is a really good dad.

“I know he’d do anything for Marliya and I know he loves her, like, with all his heart.”

The lovely mum added that she hopes she and Manley can, in the future, “be able to get to the point where we can talk without arguing.”

We’re really hoping this pair can get to a civil level very very soon.

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Source:: MTV — News