Teen Mom UK’s Sassi Simmonds Admits Her Life Has Been Turned Upside Down After Her ‘Happy Ever After Crashed’ – Exclusive

They may have had a few hiccups along the way, but things between Sassi Simmonds and Darren Quirk seemed to be riding on a high during the last series of Teen Mom UK, with the pair even moving into a new home together.

Sadly though, Sassi has now revealed that her happily ever after hasn’t turned out as rosy as she thought as her life has been turned totally upside down.

Sassi updates us on what’s new since the last series of Teen Mom UK in this video:

Catching up with her friend and fellow young mum Shannon Wise exclusively for MTV, Sassi explains that her life has taken something of a dramatic turn, hinting that things between her and Darren especially have hit a low.

She tells Shannon: “My whole happy ever after crashed before my eyes. My life was just upside down, literally, and it’s still upside down right now.”

Sassi Simmonds talks about her life turning upside down in new Teen Mom UK


The mum, who has daughter Zena’ya with Darren, adds that we could see some of her struggles in the new series, revealing: “I am really proud of myself this series because you know what, there was times when I just felt like, there is no literal way out here, like, I am actually gonna drown in all this mess, but still I’m still here, still me, still Sassi.”

Reflecting on her relationship, Sassi explains that, despite the difficult times they’ve been through, she will always admire Darren for being a great dad to their daughter.

Speaking about the moment in the last series when Darren took Zena’ya to a beauty pageant while she was on holiday, the mum says: “I feel like Darren really – he did a really really good job.

“He’s just such a good dad to her and that is one thing that I really hold in my heart for Darren because no matter what’s going on between me and him, he is actually always a good dad to Zena’ya.”

We can’t wait to see where Sassi’s journey takes her this series.

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Source:: MTV — News