Teen Mom UK’s Sassi Simmonds Reveals The Real Reasons Behind Her Break-Up With Darren As She Calls Their Relationship A ‘Work In Progress’ – EXCLUSIVE

Sassi Simmonds faced a mix of ups and downs with boyfriend Darren on series two of Teen Mom UK, with the couple ending the series by talking about their future.

Sadly though, it seems the pair have hit a tough spot in their relationship, with lovely mum Sassi revealing why they’ve decided to split and what’s next for them both.


Speaking exclusively to MTV, Sassi – who has adorable daughter Zena’ya with Darren – explained what she believes led to her sad break-up, saying: “ Well there was a lot of things that had led up to me feeling like enough was enough.

“Like, he weren’t really helping me out with Zena’ya as much, I felt like I was doing everything. So like, from the minute Zena’ya would wake up it would be me that would get her up, it would be me that give her her breakfast and then Darren would be at work all day.


“I thought, do you know what? This guy is just taking the mick out of my life, I’m doing everything. So, I just felt like I was doing it alone so at the time I thought, ‘do you know what? I might as well do it alone’ (sic).”

The 19-year-old, though, added that they’re both keen to get back to being a “happy family” again in the future, explaining: “Things between me and Darren, I mean, it’s a work in progress and I’ve really kicked his pride so to be honest, it’s gonna take a lot for Darren to trust and built on that relationship.

“But the aim of the game is basically to be a happy family again because that’s all both of us really want, but there’s a lot of work in-between that to get to that point.”

As well as telling MTV how much of a “really really good dad” Darren is to Zena’ya, Sassi also explained what she missed most about not being around him, saying: “I know this sounds really simple and basic, but I just enjoy chilling with him, watching TV, getting food, new pyjamas, new bedding and just chilling.

“Like, I just love chilled with him – I just get that vibe from him. And do you know what I actually feel? I feel like my comfort is with Darren, he actually makes me feel comfortable as a person.”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this couple can work things out and be a little family again.

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